Thursday, June 14, 2012

All About The CNA Practice Exam

CNA practice exams are mockups of the Certified Nursing Assistant examination (offered by the National Nursing Aide Assessment Program), and are meant to prepare you as a student for the actual examination. Since the CNA exam is divided into two: a written test and a practical test, you will need sufficient practice in both these components if you are to pass the exam.
The internet has numerous resources offering practice material for the written and practical aspects of the exam. Taking timed mock tests are a good practice for the written exam, and watching instructional videos will help you with the practical aspect of the exam.
Does Tackling CNA Practice Exams Help Me Prepare for the Real Exam?
Yes, tackling CNA practice exams does help with sitting the actual exam. They not only get you psychologically prepared for your exam, but they also help you review and revise course content you have tackled in the course of your CNA training.
It is strongly recommended that you do a good number of these practice exams as part of your preparation for the main exam. However, do not substitute real studying with doing practice exams.
Are Questions in CAN Practice Exams The Same Ones I Will Tackle in the Actual Exam?
While the questions you tackle in your CNA practice exams will not be word-for-word duplicates of the content in your actual exams, they will be similarly structured and cover the same content. CNA written practice tests aim to prepare you with mock-ups that are as alike as possible to the real thing, thus they will have the same 60 multiple-choice layout and tackle syllabi content like anatomy, nutrition and hygiene.
Where Can I Find Free CNA Practice Exams?
Practice material that will help you get ready for your CNA exam are available on the internet. Some it are just mock tests, others are demonstrative videos on any of the 25 skills, 5 of which will be tested in your exam. Others are guides and books that will help you study for your CNA.
While some of these resources are available free of charge, there are others that require subscription to a site or purchase of practice material. The prices range from as little as $20 to $50. If you are not satisfied with the free practice material you can get your hands on, then it is advisable to pay for reputable practice tests or guides. It is a good investment to make so you may want to choose proper preparation over economy.

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